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It’s our aim to take you to another planet. To a world where everything is possible. To a place where objects come to life and the unthinkable becomes possible. In our animation studio we create what can’t be filmed. And make it look pretty cool too!

By taking hundreds of pictures, we give birth to amazing stop motion videos. By working numerous keyframes and layers, we compose shiny 2D animation videos. And by combining multiple pictures, we create quirky and fun collage animation videos.



Animated tv commercial

Mag dit online?

Animation video for UGent

DPG Media’s citymarketing

Animation video for DPG Media

From plastic bottle to winter coat

Conceptual promotional video for JBC

Let’s get attached

Animation video for Marisan

Never skip a school trip!

Stop motion video for Kojeva

Hooray for social entrepreneurship

Animation videos for Vlaamse Overheid

Let’s talk Europe

Animation video for Eurometropool

Meet radioactivity

Animation video for Niras

Meet the visitors

Animation video series for Westtoer

Infrabel FAQ’s

Animation video series for Infrabel

Look, Smell, Taste, Don’t waste

Animation video for Too Good To Go UK

The escape from Excel Hell

Animation video series for Cubewise

100% Textiles

Commercial for Industriemuseum Ghent

Eat a plate of colour

Animation series for Alma

Stroop je mouwen op

Animation videos for Iriscare Brussels

Sint sing along

Sing alongs for Too Good To Go

Westhoek Vredeshoek

Animation series for Provincie West-Vlaanderen

Water as a Service

Explainer animation video for Ekopak

De verbeelding van de leeuw

Book teaser for Gertjan Willems & Bruno De Wever

Libelle Lekker

Tv commercials for Libelle Lekker

Make The Switch

Animation video for Greenpan
Week van de Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Animation video for Ghent University

West Coast Cycling

Stop motion animations for Westtoer

Stop motion studio

In our stop motion studio we combine hundreds of pictures to create a stunning and fluid video. Bringing real objects life can’t be more fun. Our animators won’t let a single frame untouched.

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Ars Musica 2022
Ars Musica

Verbeeldt 2050
Universiteit Gent


Studio Engarde

Verhofstede Fruitsappen

Taskforce Refugees
Provincie West-Vlaanderen

Happy holidays

Maya Collection

B Major Tv-spot
Brugge Plus

Honorary doctorate
Ghent University

Toerisme Vlaanderen

European Commission

De Vloei: Water recuperation

Holiday video
Het Peloton

Konekt vzw

Season trailer
B-Rock Orchestra

Welcome to De Vloei

Strategic alliances
Artevelde University College

Konekt vzw

Business Openers

Sales screen overview
VF Corporation

El Hiwar Summer School
College of Europe

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