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Premium film content, commercials and video series

As an independent film production company, we help brands and agencies to tell their stories with premium film content. We believe film has the power to move and inspire. It’s our mission to create films that have a lasting impact on whoever is watching them.

And because communication and marketing is not a one-off thing, we believe content series work extremely well. By embracing storytelling, we aim to shoot compelling video series for commercial and non-commercial use.


Go for happy

Strategic partnership with Jobat

Het Brugse Ommeland

Promotional videos for Westtoer

Bank on the move

Employer branding video for Bank Van Breda

Served by Westtoer

Promotional videos for Westtoer

The Goodman ambassadors

Corporate communication campaign for Goodman

15 years of GreenPan

Commercial for GreenPan

Het Lekkere Westen

Commercial for Westtoer

Rayon, surprisingly close

Campaign for Rayon

Dare to think

Mission video series for Ghent University

Marie Jo & PrimaDonna

Collections video series for Marie Jo & PrimaDonna

We make movies memories

Cinematic Pre-Movie Stinger for Cinionic's CGS

Volvo C40 Recharge

Car launch campaign for Volvo Global

From plastic bottle to winter coat

Conceptual promotional video for JBC

From wannabe crab to premium fish

Infomercial for Vichiunai

Take it Slow

Promotional video for Concertgebouw Brugge

Tales from the sea

Documentary series for Westtoer

Single zkt. zomerlief

Online content series for DPG Media

MR Solar

Commercial for MR Solar

Impact-driven entrepreneurs

Promotional video for Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen

Ready to order (pick) ?

Employer branding video series for Solucious

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