30 years of Natuurinvest

Employer branding

For 30 years now, Natuurinvest has been working with dozens of partners to enhance our experiences in nature. And that needed to be celebrated with a special event and the lunch of a new employer brand film.


Because nature is deeply intertwined with every job at Natuurinvest, it had to be a key element in the film. Both in terms of content and visually. So we planted a chair in the middle of the greenery and had several employees talk about their passion for nature and their job. We then followed them during their working day to translate their stories into beautiful footage.


As a final product, we delivered a film that informed partners and inspired employees. The client’s reaction spoke volumes: “The video was a success. Everyone was talking about it at the event.”
Goal achieved? You bet!



Our ride

Directed and edited by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Cinematographer  Dries Vanderaerden
Sound recordist  Rinus De Wilde

Let’s make great content together.
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