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The new electric appliances of GreenPan make the life of many people easier. We know that, Greenpan knows that, but how to make it clear to the rest of the world? The Cookware Company wanted a campaign that reaches different audiences and shows that the appliances of GreenPan fit perfectly in a busy day-to-day life.


We made a script based on three different characters with a different lifestyle. During this process, we worked closely together with the people of GreenPan, to make sure the whole picture was right. Together we decided to go for a format that stands out. A bit more ‘edgy’ than GreenPan is used to, especially in terms of editing and graphics. We also used a lot of movement in the shots, which resulted in dynamic videos. The characters talk while cooking and show the products in use. All combined with typical shots from everyday life.

The result

The result was a successful campaign distributed internationally. We produce no less than 54 video’s within one (very efficient) day of recording, thanks to a well-thought-out script and good preparation. So, 54 deliverables, in 3 languages and in multiple formats, perfectly fitted for every channel, screen and soon-to-be-GreenPan lover!


The Cookware Company



Our ride

Written, directed and edited by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Cinematographer  Corneel Beernaert
Sound recordists  Joren Desmidt

Nathalie Bruneel
Trine Thielen
Michiel Vervisch




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