Baanbrekende Werkgever

Testimonial video series

Less commuting, more autonomy for the employee, more focus on physical and mental health… It almost sounds too good to be true! But a lot of companies are already working hard to put the well-being of their employees first.

To stimulate them even further, and to be a motivation for others, De Lijn, Antwerp Management School and Jobat created “Charter Baanbrekende Werkgever”. And they asked our Peloton to make video portraits of some very inspiring cases!



Our ride

Written, directed and edited by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
2nd director  Louise De Groef
Camera  Dries Vanderaerden, Ivo Maes, Tuur Logghe, Steven Heyvaert


SD Worx

Stad Mechelen

Stad Brugge

De Lijn


Provincie West-Vlaanderen

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