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Animated tv commercial
TV commercial

No matter how interesting the expo is, a little advertising to attract extra visitors is essential. Even with limited time, budget or shooting opportunities, you can do big things. Just give us a beautiful campaign image and we turn it into a dynamic TV ad!

First, our animators created a soundscape and then they animated elements from the campaign images on it. It seems all really smooth and simple. And that’s the art of photo animation.

Convinced? Then hurry to the museum. The clock is ticking…


Museum of Industry Ghent

Our ride

Written, directed and edited by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Cinematographer  Ivo Maes
Sound recordists  Rinus De Wilde

Thanks to
Friedl’ Lesage
Mustafa Haraq
Lode Godderis
Hilde Langeraert

In-depth interview

How do we juggle work time and leisure time? How do we ensure a safe and healthy working environment? And how is it different from before? All interesting questions to which you can find the answer at the expo ‘BURN’ in The Museum of Industry.

To immerse visitors in the various topics of the exhibition, the museum wanted to give a dynamic experience. And an in-depth video talk was a great idea to effectuate this.

To make that happen, we gladly turned our foyer into a cozy multicam studio. This kind of setup makes it possible to properly capture a discussion with several people. The moderator, Friedl’ Lesage, spoke with different experts and we transformed the discussion to an interesting video understandable for every visitor, with subtitles in Dutch, English and French.

Want to see the result? Head over to the expo!

Let's go

Our Peloton team visited the expo

Look at us, getting all educated about working environments and stuff. We can now safely say that we’re doing just fine here! ;)

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