The challenge

Creators of tomorrow’s world

Arteveldehogeschool… A college with high-quality programmes and innovative research. A place where you can grow and make impact. A place where you can be… you!

These are just a few values in the new mission statement of the college as part of a big rebranding campaign. A work of months, based on a thorough analysis of their target groups and identity. Incorporating all that information into a 1-minute brand film was no walk in the park. But a challenge we were very happy to accept.


Brand film with the beats of Blackwave.

Starting with the voice-over text and look ‘n feel indications developed by agency Duke & Grace, we set off and wrote a script and visual story. We casted a large group of students from Arteveldehogeschool itself and we toured Ghent for a few days with an amazing crew. The advantage of a home game is that you know the city, its shortcuts and the hidden gems.

To extend the bigger picture of the campaign, we went for creative transitions, fisheye perspectives and a specific color look. Subtle orange tones create consistency with the brand’s style.

After finishing our first draft, hip-hop duo Blackwave. went to work. Their custom-made music added the extra layer we were looking for.

The result

Online and on the big screen

The result is a beautiful brand story telling exactly what Arteveldehogeschool wants to communicate. It’s a positive representation of their lively energy, translated in the ideal combination of narrative, cinematography, color grading and music. All key elements to make a stronger connection with their target audience, even more through advertising on social media and big screen time in the Kinepolis cinemas.

Sweet compliments of our client, like “bold, but exactly what we need”, make our hearts skip a beat.

Multi-channel approach

Alongside the main brand film, to be aired in cinemas and on the Arteveldehogeschool online channels, we provided a multi-channel and format approach for social media as well. As a brand you need to be where your target audience lives. That’s why we created a lot of social media content.




Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton.

Director  Helena Aernoudts

Karen Huysman
Maxine Basstanie

Executive producer  Martijn D’haene

Cinematographer  Tiele Mulier
Steadicam operator  Sander Blok

Focus puller  Patrick Nishimwe
Gaffer  Dries De Paepe
Elektro  Gertjan Coorevits

Intern  Gilles De Sloovere

Storyboard artist  Juno Kerckhof

Photographer  Daniil Lavrovski

Hair & Make-up  Leke Pham
Styling  Julie Dhooge

Editor & color grader  Victor Gouhie

Music & Voice over  Blackwave.
Voice over copywriting
  Duke & Grace

Robin Maeckelberghe
Marianne Vereecke
Lisa De Wilde

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