De keuken van Lidl

Recipe video series

DPG Media asked us to come up with a format for a series of culinary videos for Lidl and Nina Kookt. And we did!

Every week, for over 5 year, we have cooked with Lidl products in promotion. We worked out hundreds of recipes and divided the videos into different themes. All videos were made in Dutch and French. And every video also had a bit of fun in it, with stopmotion animations or character jokes.

Meanwhile, we made over 1000 recipe videos for Lidl. Check out our casemovie to get an idea!




DPG Media

Our ride

Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton,
in collaboration with these partners:
Camera  Bert Degraeve
Food styling  Sonja Peeters
Photography  Hannes Vandenbroucke


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