De keuken van ons

Culinary content series

A summer barbecue with friends, or a delicious Christmas dinner with the whole family… Everything is possible with Lidl’s wide assortment. In order to put the surprising Lidl products in the spotlight, we made a video series in various recognizable culinary situations and each time with a different chef.

Broken down into different themes – depending on the time of the year – and always with a small wink, we translated Lidl’s message into inspiring, upbeat, ‘foodielicious’ videos. Welcome to “De keuken van ons”.




DPG Media

Our ride

Written, directed and edited by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Camera  Bert Degraeve
Food styling  Sonja Peeters
Photography  Hannes Vandenbroucke


BBQ & Grill

Finally summer! Time to get the BBQ out of the garden shed and to start grilling!
Meet chef Wouter!


“Verrassend Belgisch”

Rian is a Dutchman and crazy about Belgian classics. He prepares them with respect for tradition!
Let’s meet chef Rian!


“Wild van Wild”

Nele is wild! She cooks the nicest autumn recipes.
Meet chef Nele!


“Fijne feestdagen”

Ahhh… the most wonderful time of the year…
Let’s meet chef Marleen!


“Kraakvers nieuw jaar”

Korneel wants to start the new year with fresh ambitions. Let’s cook some healthy meals!

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