The story

Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes

Two men are staring into the wide fields of West Flanders.
They’re talking, or maybe even dreaming…
After the Great War destroyed the fields, villages and cities, the region of West Flanders showed resilience and started rebuilding nearly everything… A great act that perhaps deserves the same attention as the war itself.
This commercial was part of the “Feniks 2020” campaign. The challenge: shifting the focus from a war-struck region, to one with hope. Like the Phoenix, the region was reborn out of its ashes. An inspiration to all.



Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton.

Director  Helena Aernoudts
Producer  Karen Huysman
Executive producer  Martijn D’haene

Cinematographer  Bert Degraeve
Sound recordist  Jeroen Dejonghe
On-set producer  Michiel Dheedene

Editor  Ellen Tijtgat
Color grader 
Florian Keirse
Storyboard artist  Juno Kerckhof

Sebastien Dewaele
Sam Louwyck
Tilde Vandenbroucke

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