The story

Life is either an adventure
or nothing at all.

Buzzing with creativity, a girl’s head is filled with love for life and friends. Our brand film for Flair is not about a single moment, but about a lifestyle. With trial and error. The road is the destination.

The combination of a fantastic crew, an exuberant cast and -we have to be honest- some sunshine, delivered this beautiful result.


Roularta Media Group




Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton.

Director  Helena Aernoudts
Producer  Margot Slangen
Executive producer  Martijn D’haene

Cinematographer  Dries Vanderaerden
Focus puller  Jesper Rey
Gaffer  Jelle Bollen
On-set producer  Michiel Dheedene

Hair & make-up  Paul Hillewaere & Yung
Styling  Indira Cardinaels
Set dresser  Joni Vandewalle

Editor/Graphics designer  Victor Gouhie

Catherine Kosters
Charlotte De Loose
Christina De Witte
Elien Geboers
Hinda Bluekens
Joke Decat
Justine De Maesschalck

Production Flair  Catherine Kosters
Chief Editor Flair  Eva Van Driessche
Brand manager Flair  Evelien Peeters


Besides the online campaign, Flair can also be discovered on the big screen via our thriving cinema ad.

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