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“Supporting people to develop themselves, based on their own talents, to flourish at work and beyond, for the benefit of society and their own career”. That’s how the new vision statement of ESF Vlaanderen, now called Europa WSE, sounds like. But to actually turn these words into actions, they obviously need to reach their external partners and internal staff. And let that be exactly the power of video.


After winning the pitch with our concept and approach, we involved Europa WSE in fine-tuning the scenario and voice-over. Together we managed to perfectly channel their broad operations and corporate identity into a 90 seconds film. In doing so, ‘people are key’ turned out to be a core value during the entire production. That’s why we chose to only cast real employees and partners and not actors.

After two well-filled shooting days with a talented crew, the editing could begin. All bits of the puzzle fell into place and proper grading created the right look and feel. We invited Europa WSE to our in-house cinema, so we could incorporate their feedback on the spot.


We have to admit: it felt good to hear that both the video and the collaboration were a great success. May there be many more to come!


Europa WSE
Departement Werk en Sociale Economie
Vlaamse overheid


Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton.

Director  Helena Aernoudts

Producer  Maxine Basstanie

Executive producer  Martijn D’haene
Production intern  Gilles Van Damme

Cinematographer  Dries Vanderaerden
Gaffer  Jelle Bollen

Focus pullers
Boris De Visscher
Pieter-Jan Neirynck

Voice over  Anemone Valcke

Editor & color grader  Victor Gouhie

Europa WSE
De Kruitfabriek (The18)

Europa WSE 
Kim De Paepe
Fien De Coninck

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