The story

Black and gold…

Global Textile Alliance knocked on our door to help launch their all new and exclusive brand Fransiska. We gave them a visual concept that radiated luxury, quality and decency. We gave Fransiska a personality and shot a brand film with a golden touch!

We wanted the spectator to really feel the linen fabrics in the film. The golden details and the linen refer to the new product line of Fransiska. The brand is synonymous to exclusivity and quality.

What we were already convinced of on set, we now see in the result. You’ve managed to portray Fransiska in a story that fully matches our brand.

Tine LefebvreMarketing - Global Textile Alliance

Global Textile Alliance Co. Ltd.


Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton.

Director  Anthony Van Roosendael
Producer  Martijn D’haene
Production assistant  Michiel Dheedene

Cinematographer  Bert Degraeve
Hair & Make-up  Adelien De Puysseleyr
Set assistant  Ellen Tijtgat

Editors  Janey Stouten, Martijn D’haene
Sound editor  Victor Gouhie

Cast  Margriet Haring
 Wim De Waegenaere

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