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Fire up your employer brand with Jobat… And Het Peloton!

The collaboration between Jobat and Het Peloton started back in 2020 and already resulted in more than 50 employer branding videos… The secret formula for succes? Great content and the right tools to spread the message. A collab in which we Go For Happy companies every single time!

Through their expansive recruitment expertise and communication network, Jobat provides media space filled with articles, photos and of course: video. And that’s where we come in. Together with Jobat and our partners we seek to tell the right story in the right way. Employer branding without losing focus on the personal approach and providing the right production value.

A solid testimonial video…

The right story doesn’t always need a lot of tricks. A personal and honest testimonial video often shows potential recruits what the company, the culture and a job looks like. We like to keep it simple.

with a touch of creativity…

That doesn’t mean we can’t be creative. In every project we try to add a bit more employer branding and rethink the format. Not by doing long strategy sessions, but by acting immediately in the kick-off meeting.

and a fresh spark of joy!

We’ve even worked on some new and exiting video formats to put employees and employers in the spotlight in a fun, recognizable and playful way. We call it: Employer branding done right!

Some cases…

Discover a few of our latest videos within the Jobat Collab.



And many many more…

Scroll ahead to discover more employer branding examples and teasers.



Bright Plus


Leefmilieu Brussel

Bright Plus


Adecco / Bombardier





UPC Leuven


Auto 5

UPC Leuven


Helan, Adecco, Arvesta, Athlon, Auto5, Aquafin, Bright Plus, Colruyt Group, Daikin, De Lijn, Equans, EY, Leefmilieu Brussel, Lidl, Pfizer, Unilin Group, UPC KU Leuven, Volvo cars & many more to come!




Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton.
Thanks to all our directors, producers & editors.

Het Peloton account team
Rens De Vent
Martijn D’haene

Jobat account team
Hannelore Geldhof
Eva Braekeveldt
Fleur Van Belle
Kim Vergaelen

Our partners
Louise De Groef, Ivo Maes, Corneel Beernaert, Dries Vanderaerden, Mathew Lau, Loïc Carrera, Tuur Logghe, Steven Heyvaert, Kyle Crowell, Gilles Van Damme, Jeroen Dejonghe, Andries Essel, Rinus De Wilde, Niels Van Rumst, Laura De Baudringhien, Jeffrey Roekens, Laurens Desmet, Nikki Vermeulen

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