Het Brugse Ommeland

Promotional video content

Think ‘nature’, ‘authentic’ and ‘good food and drinks’. If the region around Bruges, ‘Het Brugse Ommeland’, pops into your head, you’re absolutely right. And if it doesn’t, it will soon!

Westtoer wants to make this area top of mind for tourists by means of a new strategic plan. Our Peloton took charge over the video part with a clear vision: to highlight the connection between the region and its people through warm and personal film portraits. Five ambassadors with different profiles and five different stories to create as much reach as possible.

After a first telephone chat, we sent our crew to capture the beautiful stories of the hard-working locals and their thriving businesses. From a cosy corn maze and artisanal mustard factory to a hobby-vineyard that got out of control … ‘Het Brugse Ommeland’ serves it all and it’s ready for you to enjoy!



Our ride

Written, directed and edited by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Cinematographer  Corneel Beernaert
Sound recordists  Rinus De Wilde & Laurens Desmet


Wijngoed Kapelle

Mostaard Wostyn

’t Spaans Tolhuisje

De Kruiderie

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