The story

Het Lekkere Westen

West Flanders. Known for its fresh fish, tender meat, artisanal cheeses and various beers. Oh, and its chocolate. Ask Dominique Persoone, born and raised in Bruges! As a chocolatier who loves a fine cuisine, Persoone is the perfect person to guide you through ‘Het Lekkere Westen’. Because the regional products and talented chefs are too good to not be discovered.

Thanks to Westtoer, we had the opportunity to explore many culinary West Flemish hotspots. Spread over several shooting days, we went out to sea, saw the inside of a butchery and smelled how cheese is made. Come and see for yourself!


Besides the tv commercial and social media videos, we created a powerful series of photographs to strengthen the campaign.




Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton.

Director & producer  Karen Huysman
Executive producer  Martijn D’haene

On set producer  Maxine Basstanie

Cinematographer  Bert Degraeve
Gaffers  Dieter De Bock, Korneel Moeyaert
Sound  Jeroen Dejonghe, Andries Essel

Storyboard artist  Juno Kerkhof

Editor & color grader  Victor Gouhie
Audio postproduction  Joris Verniest

Art Direction Laurie Vansteelant
Set dresser  Ethel Kelderman
Photographer  Hannes Vandenbroucke

Cast  Dominique Persoone

Westtoer  Evelien Waffelaert

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