Innovation Playground

Promotional video series

East Flanders a playground? Even more, an Innovation Playground!
It’s an economic top region, a place for entrepreneurs and investors who want to change the world. They innovate and excel in 6 clusters, for which we made 6 inspiring and informative videos ánd a teasing compilation.

In our concept, we wanted to expose the link between everyday life and the companies: the interaction that exists between them and the influence they have on each other. We included the story of 6 innovative companies and added also several fiction scenes in our scenario. In post-production, we intertwined the two storylines, supported by the charming voice of the east flemish actress Charlotte De Bruyne.


Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen

Our ride

Written, directed and edited by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Camera  Dries Vanderaerden, Steven Heyvaert
Sound  Rinus De Wilde, Andries Essel
2nd AC Intern  Alexander Schillewaert
Voice  Charlotte De Bruyne


Watch all 6 episodes of the series to go more in depth on the different innovative topics.

Smart logistics



Bio economy and cleantech

Agro and nutrition

Care economy and innovation

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