Joy and sorrow

Historical documentary

September 4, 1944: the liberation of Antwerp. Among the citizens, there’s joy and relief, but also sadness about what’s lost. These mixed feelings are translated in the beautiful exhibition Vreugde & Verdriet.

We had the honor to speak to some of the witnesses and bring their moving memories on screen. Edited together with unique archive material, we created a movie which could be perfectly integrated in the exhibition.

Due to its great success the exhibition became a traveling expo that is still running. To give you an idea of what the full movie is all about, we selected a couple of fragments and stills. Even in a few seconds the stories of three survivors give an intimate and personal view on history.


Vredescentrum Antwerpen

Our ride

Written, directed and edited by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with Bailleul Ontwerpbureau and these partners:
Camera  Laurens Van Hove
Sound  Rinus De Wilde

Archival footage

ADVN Archief voor Nationale Bewegingen
Collectie Amsab-ISG, © Louis Van Cauwenbergh
Collectie CegeSoma, © F. Meyers
Collectie MAS, René Pighini
Kazerne Dossin
Koninklijke Kring voor Heemkunde Merksem
Yad Vashem

National Archives Washington, D.C.
Particuliere collectie Maes
Particuliere collectie Goezu
Particuliere collectie Vilain
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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