Libelle Lekker


Famous Belgian chefs takes over Libelle Lekker magazine for one month and introduce us into their own culinary world…

Our team created the television commercials for these special edition magazines and brought the favorite ingredients and recipes of the chefs to life! Literally, by creating stop motion animations where food takes the lead. A strong concept that has grown into a recognizable format on Belgian television.

But it didn’t stop there. More food and stop motion video’s for Libelle popped up! Watch them by scrolling down.


Roularta Media Group


Libelle Lekker

Our ride

Written, directed and animated by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Extra animator  Frederic Tilleman
Styling  Louise De Brabandere, Els Sirejacobs

Piet Huysentruyt II
Pascale Naessens III
Pascale Naessens II
Nathalie Meskens
Pascale Naessens I
Piet Huysentruyt I
Sandra Bekkari III
Sandra Bekkari II
Sandra Bekkari I
Loic Van Impe
10 jaar Libelle Lekker!

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