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Picture this: you’re attending a company event, when suddenly your partner, sister or mother pops up on a big screen, bringing you the message that you just got promoted! Guess what? We made that happen.

To surprise the lucky promoted at Accent Jobs, we came up with three unique concepts: a blizzard of compliments, a piece of poetry and a personalized music video to blow the promoted away. More than 60 friends and family members participated in complete secrecy. Would you be surprised?


Accent Jobs

Our ride

Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton,
in collaboration with our partners:
Cinematograohers  Bert Degraeve, Dries Vanderaerden
Sound recordist  Rinus De Wilde


Watch the videos

Over 60 friends and family members came together to bring the good news to the lucky promoted.

Music video


The poem