Stroop je mouwen op


Time to roll up your sleeves!

Not everyone is so keen on the COVID-19 vaccine, there’s a great deal of unawareness and restraint. To provide clear information to the residents and the staff of Iriscare Brussels, we dived into our animation studio once again.

Our Peloton and Keppens Design & Communication partnered up with Iriscare Brussels to create 2 animation videos: one to call out to get vaccinated and one that describes the steps and processes to do the vaccination properly.

And yes, we’re very pleased that Dany Verstraeten and Christophe Deborsu took part in this project!


Iriscare Brussels


Keppens Design & Communication

Our ride

Directed and animated by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Art & design  Frederic Tilleman

French versions

Dany Verstraeten was willing to be the voice of the Dutch campaign. Christophe Deborsu did the French voice-over.

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