The challenge

The Anywhere Textile

Ever thought that innovation in the textile industry is over?
Well… Meet Fiqa!

Fiqa is the first textile brand to offer soft and durable fabrics for indoor and outdoor use. An exclusive and premium textile that can be used anywhere.

No wonder the Fiqa team asked us to bring that high-quality and ‘anywhere’ feeling to the screen. A challenge our Peloton took seriously.

Video 1: Fiqa Velvet


Our journey to Spain & France

To give that premium look and feel to the brand, we really wanted to go abroad. So we filled our Vito to the brim and left for a journey to Spain and France.

From a majestic estate in the bay of Marseille to an ultra-modern villa in Valencia and from the vineyards in the Provence to a beautiful picnic spot under a medieval bridge, our team took Fiqa to a whole other level.

Video 2: Fiqa Bouclé

The result

3 high-end brand & product films

We created 3 high-end brand and product films for each type of Fiqa textile. All with the purpose to create awareness for the new innovative fabrics…

By showing the textiles in a setting where they really stand out, and by shooting and grading in a top quality, we succeeded in giving that premium stamp to the brand that matches their brand identity.

Video 3: Fiqa Woven


Love Home Fabrics


Fiqa Textiles


Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton.

Helena Aernoudts

Executive producer
Martijn D’haene

Corneel Beernaert
Samuel Vansteenkiste

Editor & color grader
Jochem Roegiers

The photography team
Eugeen Vangroenweghe
Herman Van Hoey

Dayana & Lisa
Antonio & Janet

The Fiqa team
Emma Patyn
Chloé Verhaeghe
Lauren Dhondt
Louise De Witte

Koenraad & André Ruysse

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