Wichelen zkt.

To merge or not to merge


Merging is hot and trending among municipalities in Flanders. The political benefits are clear: debt relief and higher tax revenues per resident. But the residents themselves are often not very keen on the idea, mainly for sentimental reasons. While, after all, the inhabitants are a town’s beating heart, right?

Wichelen wants to do better. And to launch a sensibilisation campaign among the citizens, they asked our help to communicate the message of a possible merger and to ask the opinion of the locals.


Our Peloton took off, along with Joris Hessels as a host, to give the man on the street a voice. We visited Wichelen and its 5 neighbouring municipalities in 4 exiting shooting days. Because to win people over, you’ve got to dive into their heads. And we shot an extra teaser and introduction film in Wichelen as well.

Meanwhile in editing, we introduced some bold style ideas and made intro’s, graphics and bumpers to create recognition… That’s more than welcome when creating a video series.


With almost no feedback and a very enthusiastic client, we delivered all the films in just a couple of weeks. The video’s were used as fun breaks and to provide structure during two online streaming events, presented by Fatma Taspinar. And there was laughter, we can assure you!

Presentation of Wichelen

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What do the people of the surrounding villages think of a possible merger with Wichelen? Joris finds out.






The mayor

Of course we wanted to give the citizens of Wichelen a good introduction of what the project “Wichelen Zkt.” is all about. What better person to do this, than the mayor of Wichelen: Kenneth Taylor.

Teaser video


Gemeente Wichelen


Written, directed and edited by Het Peloton.

Director  Helena Aernoudts

Karen Huysman
Maxine Basstanie

Executive producer  Martijn D’haene

Corneel Beernaert
Tuur Logghe

Jeroen Dejonghe
Marijn Thijs
Joren Desmidt

Editor & color grader  Jari De Brabander

Host  Joris Hessels

Roos Coppens
Kenneth Taylor

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