West Coast Cycling

Stop motion videos

Why walk if you have wheels? It’s time to grease your bicycle chain and let it rattle throughout the Belgian West Coast. Start your journey on one of the new cycling routes and please your eyes with the one-of-a-kind landscapes, charming villages and unique pieces of art.

Not sure what to expect? Don’t worry. We transported the West Coast to our studio for a day. And with the help of a little stop-motion, we’ll show you!



Our ride

Written, directed and animated by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Animator  Frederic Tilleman

West Coast Cycling Route
West Coast Cycling Quest

Extra video:
The art on the seaside

The Beaufort art triennial is bringing national and international artists and their works to public spaces on the seaside. We came up with a creative way of showing them and connecting them to the West Coast Cycling campaign.

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