Wouters vs Maes

TV and social media campaign

Getting around in the Port of Antwerp has never been easier. Thanks to the brand new cycling bus,  you’ll get from point A to B way faster than before. We slipped into our spandex cycling shorts to put it to the test. 

Following Yannick, a top cycling athlete, and Jos, who rather watches cycling on tv, we used an epic race as storyline to show the efficiency of the new cycling bus. A nice blend of humor, excitement and the occasional cliffhanger encouraged viewer engagement. 

The videos were released on ATV and the social channels of Port of Antwerp in three episodes. But you can relive them al together here!


Port of Antwerp

Our ride

Written, directed and edited by our Peloton team,
in collaboration with these partners:
Director  Kenneth Taylor
Camera  Steven Heyvaert, Tuur Logghe
Sound  Andries Essel, Sven Dehandschutter

Relive all episodes

Watch the 3 episodes of Wouters vs Maes with cliffhangers… ;-)

Episode #1: The start
Episode #2: The race
Episode #3: The finish

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